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Executive Producer at Pass it on studios 

Earned distinguished reputation for contributions made to En La Linea in the areas of scriptwriting, research, fact-checking and production. Collaborated with the creative team on the development of program concept and innovative story ideas for weekly television show Hoteles y Restaurantes del Mundo. Played a key role in gathering, organizing and coordinating scripts, sets, and facilities necessary for successful television show production. Demonstrated production competence by preparing/producing weekly news features and covering news events to include news conferences, board/organization meetings, sports, University programs, and governmental agencies.


Pass it on studios, Miami, FL - Executive Producer - Reality Tv Shows 

The Kids TV Company, Miami, FL - Executive Producer - Violeta Rules.

Casa Club TV (MGM Networks), Miami, FL - Tv Host / Producer – Hoteles y Restaurantes Del Mundo.

City TV, Bogotá, Colombia - TV Host Reality / Producer – Bogotá Real.

RCN Television, Colombia - En la Linea - Tv Host / Producer.